How The Right Receiver Gloves Can Improve Football Performance

How The Right Receiver Gloves Can Improve Football Performance

How The Right Receiver Gloves Can Improve Football Performance

It takes the right tools for the right job. And that’s just as true for catching the perfect spiral downfield. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how the right pair of receiver gloves can improve football performance.

How Football Receiver Gloves Improve Performance

To understand how football receiver gloves improve performance, we’ll need a brief (and simple) physics lesson. When throwing a football, multiple forces are acting on it. There’s gravity weighing the ball down, air resistance from it moving through the air, and, most importantly, friction.

In every throw and every catch, there is a certain amount of energy that transforms into friction. This includes friction between both the ball and the hand during catching and throwing. And this energy greatly influences the length and accuracy of the throw

Football receiver gloves have palms that are stickier than the palms of human hands. So, a glove’s friction is greater than bare skin alone. This leads to harder throws and easier catches compared to throwing barehanded.

How to Get the Most Out of Football Wide Receiver Gloves

Treat your wide receiver gloves well and they will treat you well, too. Proper care will keep the gloves sticky and effective for a longer duration. However, two major risks can reduce the tackiness of sticky gloves: water and dirt or grime. And both of which will accumulate throughout a game.

Football wide receiver gloves should be cleaned regularly for best results. Players can easily clean them with a chlorinated wipe on the palms and around each finger. After cleaning, you can dry the gloves in the sun. Then, they’re ready to use! To get the most mileage out of your gloves, get at least two pairs. You can purchase one for practice and one for games.

Football Receiving Gloves: Not Just For Receivers

The benefits of football receiving gloves are clear for receivers. But, they aren’t the only position that benefits. Any player can benefit from football receiving gloves.


The quarterback’s job is central to handling the football. Whether it’s a passing or a running play, the team relies on the quarterback as the offensive leader. Any football fan knows the heartbreak that comes with a failed pass or play. Plus, even the slightest slip of the hand can turn a perfect pass into the perfect fumble or interception.

While nothing can eliminate interceptions, receiving gloves can eliminate some of the variables that come with human hands. The extra grip will reduce the risk of slipping, and the extra purchase will help them throw the football further.

Defensive Linemen

As much as the quarterback doesn’t want to throw interceptions, the defensive line wants to pick them up. A wild ball can be hard to catch. But grip gloves help make these catches possible. Also, players can turn turnovers into points with greater ease, especially with receiving gloves to help maintain possession of the ball.

All players benefit from grip gloves, which is why so many positions use them.

Massov Athletics: A Brand Built Better

With the right receiver gloves, football performance can greatly improve, and with better-built gloves, you can perform even better. Massov Athletics is a brand built better.

Check out our ALLSZN gloves and feel the difference when catching and throwing the football compared to barehanded. The extra grip will help you throw harder and catch the ball at greater distances.

There’s a wide range of options in colors and sizes, so you can find the pair perfect for you. If you can’t, custom options are available to make that perfect pair a reality. See what the right receiver gloves can do for your football performance with Massov Athletics.

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